As the great Pharoah Monch once said, one should really Get Da Fuck Up whenever family commitments allow! This blog, by me, Bill, is likely to be a blog in name only, as I intend to simply put article length pieces on here which, hopefully, will appear/have appeared in other places. However, I may just slip into it (not unlike a pair of pajamas), so don’t hold it against me.


One Response to “GETDAPHUKUP”

  1. Rich Says:

    Hi, Bill,

    Enjoyed your story about your trip to South Korea. I hope to visit there, someday. My new boss, a Colonel in the US Army, is the grandson of a North Korean general who was disgraced for saying something the Big Guy didn’t like, so his kids fled to the South and then the US. General Grandpa was “rehabilitated” so everything is hunky-dory now, I’m told.

    Keep up the writing, even when you are not traveling. You have a nice style of storytelling. So many writers these days travel only from one room to another. It’s good to read about real world experiences.

    Stay safe,


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